I love being a life model it is a job that has given me the pleasure of meeting some wonderful artists. As you know I also do photography it really is a different discipline to life modelling as the poses are really quick; more dynamic with less stress on the body.

Before I do a photography session I always like to meet the photographer to finalise ideas.
Over the last few days I have been called by “photographers” who just want to get a cheap thrill.
The conversation usually starts very tentative as they really do not know how to ask.
My last caller enquired about life modelling when at the end of the conversation he was asking about photography.  In this instance I suggested he send me an e mail to me outlining what he wanted to achieve from the session. I then said I need to meet for a coffee to finalise details. It was not a surprise when I heard nothing from the “photographers”. Experience has taught me who is genuine and who is stringing me along.

Life modelling is NOT; for sexual gratification, being an exhibitionist or an excuse to show your body parts. All of these are frowned upon and you will not get a second booking.

Life modelling is; Fun, hard work, sometimes cold, painful, rewarding, and enjoyable way to meet like- minded people.
A life model is; a landscape for artists to draw and paint and not a sexual object of desire.  Artists see you in shapes, form and tone; not as a person.
~Life models come in different shapes, sizes and height; as long as you are over 18 you can do it if you don’t mind people scrutinising your body.

A life model is paid to be still; so you will end up with cramp, dead body parts from pressure and tension on parts of the body you never knew you had!

Life modelling is; a fantastic way to learn about art and techniques as the room is still and quiet. I am amazed at what I have learnt over the last 10 years.  It is like being at an art class and getting paid for being the subject!

On my life modelling journey I have encountered models that fidget. The artist starts drawing the pose and by the end of it the artist has adjusted the pose to a very different one they had started with.
The world of life modelling has helped me understand what makes a great picture. When I was in the Vatican a few years ago I am sure the knowledge I had gathered sub consciously helped with the enjoyment of the statues, pictures and of course the Sistine Chapel. That really blew me away on many levels; how did they paint amazing 3D pictures on the ceiling all in candle light? I was in awe so I rested on one of the many side benches going wow! I know I will return to Rome it has got its hooks into me; or is it because I threw a euro into the Trevi fountain? It is something I will never know.
Also the world of life modelling has allowed me to develop my flamboyant side with costumes and props that are used when I life model. Yes; I can be flamboyant however I am not an exhibitionist by any stretch of the imagination. Pass me in the street you would never guess what my job is as I dress very reserved and casual.

Next week is a really busy week I am working all hours of the day next week. Some days I have 2 bookings.  Once I start getting bookings my diary tends to fill up. People are amazed at how still I keep.  I have bookings for next year coming in which is great. As the business is very fickle it is great to know there is work coming in.

Sunshine is tempting me outside. Be safe.


Life Model Advice - by Tina
Nudist Model
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