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If you want to be a life model who poses nude for sketch artists or painters, then read these important tips...

Life Room Rules

In a class that is doing life art there are a few rules to be adhered to;

There is the utmost respect for the model.

No one touches the model.

There is absolute silence in respect of the model, it is to do with the model being naked and the artists clothed.

No photos to be taken unless the model agrees. Formally the model should get the person taking a photo to sign a form saying the picture is for their personal use only.

The model covers up in comfort breaks.

No one goes in and out of the room without good reason. Itís discourteous and lets cold air into the room.

If a class is in progress the person wanting to come into the room knocks and waits for the tutor to open the door.

This is a great profession that is under rated all artists and tutors appreciate all the models hard work. Have fun!